We first began this organization in 2006, as a way to highlight the Australian Labradoodle breed as first created by Tegan Park, and co-developed by Rutland Manor. Much has changed in those two years. The retirement in early 2008 of Tegan’s Angela Rutland-Manners has created a void not just in the gene pool, but in an experienced hand needed to guide this developing breed among those who continue working with her lines.

    In response to this, the following breeders from Holland and the U.S. pledge to focus on Tegan-Rutland lines only, as the best means of producing superior family companions and service dogs. We pledge to conduct thorough and relevant health testing, raise our dogs and puppies in a family environment that brings out the best in their dispositions, and work in a spirit of cooperation that helps us all toward our mutual goal: To safeguard this fragile breed for generations to come. If you are a breeder, please contact us at Rist@fairpoint.net to inquire about joining our informal circle of friendship and support.





















Hudson, New York USA

Curtis Rist
Email: Rist@fairpoint.net
Website: www.HudsonDoodles.com















I distinctly remember the first pair of Australian Labradoodles I ever met. Brought over from Rutland Manor in Australia, they were more than I could imagine dogs to be: Sweet, entertaining, wickedly athletic -- and as an added bonus to my allergy-ridden self, low-shedding. I couldn’t imagine a better companion dog (with no anti-histamines needed!), and I have been in love with the breed ever since.

As a breeder, I try to focus on the attributes that first attracted me to the dogs, and reinforce these qualities in new generations. Over the last five years, I’ve also become a dog trainer, and have found that a well-bred puppy is exceedingly easy to train. A number of our dogs, as is common with the breed, now work as service or therapy dogs, and all have become exceptional family members.

The popularity of the breed has led, unfortunately, to countless breeders experimenting with Labrador-Poodle mixes of all sorts. I think it is essential to stay true to the Rutland Manor and Tegan Park origins, as the only guarantee of finding an “Australian Labradoodle” worthy of its name.


All best,




Enschede, Holland

Petra Visser
Email: info@dutchdoodles.nl





Hello from Dutchdoodles Holland! I am Petra from Holland, married with Rudy and we have two sons. When my oldest son was born it soon was clear he had terrible allergies. Of course my son came first, and we did have to find a new home for our dog and cat. Many years past without a pet…but if you are a dog lover like me, you go and search for alternatives.

A few years ago I found the Australian Labradoodle on the internet. Oh boy…could this be true? Could we have such a wonderful dog? A dog that causes no allergic reactions? A while later after long thoughts..we decided to bring over an Australian Labradoodle to our home from Tegan Park in Australia. It felt unbelievable that we could own such a wonderful dog! That is why we called her “JOY”.

I totally fell in love with the breed and my old dream began to rise again. I always wanted to breed a wonderful dog, but with allergic children you cannot think about that. But my dream hopefully now is coming true! I now have a breeding girl named Bree, and not long after that I met Curtis and he offered me a great Labradoodle boy named Binck. I decided to buy Binck and he is our wonderful stud (and with perfect hips to match!).

I like Curtis and his dogs very much because he has the true Rutland and Tegan lines, the Labradoodle like it is meant to be. We have the same goal: to protect the Tegan-Rutland Australian Labradoodle. And make many family’s happy with such a great dog. Also many disabled people who need a service dog.

In the meantime I am now the proud owner of two more female breeding dogs. Thanks to Angela from formal Tegan Park, who trusted me in buying her two great Australian Labradoodles who where especially bred for service work. Thanks Angela! I so much enjoy these dogs and they bring so much great things in my live and in my family, that I want to tell other families about our experience. We also know that these very intuitive dogs are very good with children, but also children with special needs like autism.

If you are interested please contact me. Also if you want to cuddle our dogs, to test allergies you will be more then welcome. And see for your self that also your dream can come true!


Warm wishes,