We ship to the Netherlands!



    At Hudson Labradoodles, we have been proud to send some of our best puppies to families in the Netherlands, and have been shipping them safely and in good health since March 2007. We prepare our puppies for their overnight adventure by introducing them carefully to the crate (referred to in Holland as the bench) in which they travel, so that their journey will be as stress-free as possible. Once the pups arrive, they are inspected by a veterinarian at the KLM Animal Hotel, and released to the new owners, after clearing the pets through customs. Because of Dutch veterinary requirements, all puppies entering the Netherlands from non-EU countries must be vaccinated against rabies (even though they are raised in a rabies-free environment at our home). The vaccinations can be given safely at 3 months of age, followed by a 21-day waiting period. As a result, our puppies are ready to travel at 15 weeks of age – which gives us plenty of time to school them in early obedience before they are sent to their new families, and makes the challenge of adapting to life with a new puppy that much easier.

    We will supply references, upon request, as well as help to arrange for families to visit an authentic Australian Labradoodle, which is especially important if allergies are an issue. For photos of our dogs and stories of their families, please see Doodles in Holland. If you have questions about available puppies, or the process of sending a treasured companion to your family, please contact me at Rist@fairpoint.net, or call me at (518) 821-0762.



DANDY YANKEE DOODLES: After flying overnight from New York, Doedels, Binck, Zoe, and Espirito land happily in the arms of their new families gathered at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, Dec. 22, 2007.