“Benjamin Curtis”/ Ielynke Ploeger


    We are TimPaul (11), Niels(9) and Ielynke. We are all dwarfs. And I (Ielynke) have problems with my back and walking; that is the reason that I need a wheelchair for outside.
    I came in contact with Petra Visser through internet. And Petra was a perfect mediator between her friend and fellow Labradoodle breeder Curtis and us. And all the Dutch questions about Labradoodles, I could ask her.....she took so much time for us....unbelievable. We said to Petra who we are and what is necessary for us that a dog can do for us and she said to Curtis....Curtis test all the pups and choose the best pup for us (and he choose the very best!)
    On the 17the of May this year our, our future service dog, named Benjamin Curtis, came to Holland. We had waited 3 months for him, and it was a long 3 months when you know that such a beautiful and important dog is comming. But the whole period Curtis keep in contact with us through stories and pictures. And then the moment was there that we could hold Ben (our dog) in our arms, that is such a special feeling...I could not tell you.
    After a few days the training started. We go 3 times a week with Ben to the Martin Gaus trainings school. At first he had to learn the basic things like, sit, wait and follow. We train with positive reinforcement. Ben likes the people at the school and the trainers are very enthusiastic about him. And not only the trainers. I get so many compliments...about the way he was socialized in America, and as a result how he has no fear for anything. He is kind to everybody and every dog. He likes to learn, he likes to work...and he likes to play. This really is a perfect dog. And an unbelievably sweet teddy bear. We take him with us to everything we go...Ben and I are 24 hours a day together. If I am upstairs, Ben is there. If I go downstairs, there also is Ben!
    Now he is 20 weeks, and every day with him is a big party. And we make a little start with learning the things he must do for me in the future, like picking things up from the floor and giving them to me, and so on.
    We are very positive about the future with Ben. And cannot wait till he goes to work for us for real!

From this side of the Atlantic, I would like to thank Curtis for this perfect dog who means so much to my family, and especially to me.

Thank you, thank you Curtis!

TimPaul, Niels and Ielynke

(and of course, a paw from a Benjamin Curtis!)