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"What kind of dog is that?"

In the many years that our family has raised Australian Labradoodles, this phrase has become a running joke. People ask it as they chase my sons down the street when they're out for a walk with Cha Cha and Baby Joey, or gather around my wife in the vet's office when she's there for a check-up with Porter and Fairy, or stop me as I walk through the airport terminal with a puppy or two destined for a great new home. It's not just directed at us: A friend in Texas, with a pair of our pups, reports being flagged down in her convertible on a highway, which caused her to screech over to the side thinking there was an emergency. "Your dogs!", the driver yelled breathlessly out the window. "They're beautiful! What are they?"

Beauty's usually skin deep, as we all know, but in the case of the Australian Labradoodle it runs straight through to the heart. As a companion, a service dog for a family with a disability, or a therapy dog bringing cheer to those who need it, the Australian Labradoodle as created by Angela of Tegan Park and co-developed with her mother, Beverley, of Rutland Manor is aces. I haven't met a breed with a better disposition, nor the cuddly ability to bring a smile to anyone's face, no matter what the circumstance.

I hope you enjoy searching through our newly expanded website, for details on our dogs and puppies, as well breed history, tips on training and feeding, and inspiring stories about the families -- first among them, ours -- that love them. If you have questions,
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